Energy Savings Improves Efficiency and Profit

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Smart Energy Saving

Smart Energy Saving

Fuel and electricity are major expenses in any business today. For modern business to ensure optimum utilization of energy resources and convert to cheaper and more sustainable energy resources. Efficient energy consumption is crucial for the economic success.

Reduce Energy Consumption And Achieve Higher Efficiency

  • Install Energy Management System – to measure and monitor energy
  • Improve Power Quality – Install Surge protection system for all electronic equipment, use Detuned capacitor, Passive filter for VFD, Maintain TDD current less than 8 % and THD voltage 5 %.
  • LED light with Automation
  • Exhaust fan with Automation
  • EC Fan for HVAC Application
  • Variable output application- Use VFD with closed loop to save energy

Energy saving Application

  • Fan / Blower / Compressor
  • Pump
  • Conveyor / Elevator / Lift
  • Agitator / Mixer / Centrifuge / Pulper/ Bal mill
  • Crane / Hoist
  • Refrigeration – Evaporator fan / Condenser/ Compressor
  • Rice Mill – Compressor, Boiler Feed Pump, FD / ID Fan, PA Fan,Cooling Tower, De stoner, Shining , Aspirator.
  • Water & Waste Water – Pumping station, Recirculation & Treatment plant, Ro Unit.


Mining and Minerals

conveyors, feeders, slurry pumps, cyclone-feed pumps, tailing pumps, flotation cells, mine-dewatering pumps, mine-ventilation fans, crushers, vibrating screens, excavators, stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders.


Pumps, fans and compressors as well as the special chemical process applications, such as extruders, grinders, rollers, mills, mixers, kneaders, dryers, blowers, dosers and centrifuges.

Cranes and Hoists

AC drives in hoisting, cross and long travel, slewing and control of auxiliary equipment like cable reels, for example, in the following crane types:

  • Process cranes, such as ladle cranes for handling liquid metal
  • Tower cranes in construction sites
  • Container-handling cranes in harbors
  • Overhead cranes in many industries
  • Marine and offshore cranes
  • Chain hoists

Food and Beverage

Grinders, mixers, cutters, injectors, tumblers, conveyors, slicers, pumps, centrifuges, mixers, agitators, decanters and separators, are all precisely and reliably controlled by Danfoss AC drives.


Racks and packs, process chillers, condensers, evaporators/air-handling units and pumps.

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