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Lightning_Protection_Devices_Type I _Class_B

Lightning Protection Devices , Type I / Class B

  • For Lightning Protection equipotential bonding to VDE 0185 – 305 ( IEC62305).
  • Lightning Protection Zone LPZ ( 0 – 2 )
  • Temperature range ( -40 to + 85 C), Voltage Protection Level ( 1.3kV)
surge protection device

Surge Protection Devices , Type II / Class C

  • Single Phase & Three Phase Devices
  • Connectable sure arrestor , High arresting capacity
  • Visual status display, Available with optional remote signaling, Optional leak current – free version , simple standard hat rail mounting.

Surge Protection for telecommunication systems

  • Surge protection for LSA – Plus systems.
  • Surge Protection for Data lines systems
  • Surge protection for CAT 6 Ethernet cable systems
Telephone Surge Protection

Lightning & Surge Protection Devices , Type I + II / Class B + C

  • Single Phase & Three Phase Devices
  • Arresting capacity to 7 kA ( 10/350) and 50 kA ( 8 / 20) Per pin
  • Low DC protection level < 3.0kV ( Voc max = 900 VDC)

Application : PV systems with separated insulated lightning & Surge Protection Systems.


KTS mounting systems form the solid base for light to heavy cable support systems. From suspended supports to wall brackets.

We offer all you need for secure fastening on wall, ceiling or on the floor.


The WDK wall and ceiling trucking made of halogen-free plastic is primarily used in industrial applications.

In modern safety plans, preventive fire protection has an ever greater role to play – and the halogen-free variant with low flue gas development in case of fire is ideal for this.


The ducts are made of fibre-glass reinforced lightweight concrete and allow flexible installation with high protection classes.

The designs are proved for installation ducts (I-class), but also for electrical function maintenance (E-duct).

Screed-covered duct systems are suitable

Screed-covered duct systems are suitable for all types of screed structures: cement screed, poured asphalt and floating screed.

The duct is available in the heights 28, 38 and 48 mm, and in the widths
190, 250 and 350 mm.

Earthing system :

Copper coated Earth Rod

Size : 14.2 mm Dia 1.5M & 3M, 17.2 mm Dia 2M & 3M, 20 mm Dia 1M x 3 Rod ( Thread type),

  • Rod to cable clamp (or) Universal Clamp.
  • Earth Enhancing Mineral compound.
  • Under floor Earth Inspection pit.
  • Earthing Kit ( 1.2 M Earth Rod , Mineral Compound & Clamp)
Earthing system
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